We work with the latest proven technology, such as ReactJS, NodeJS and ExpressJS, React Native,GraphQL, Prisma, and more. We value quality in our work and we are determined to make the world a bit more digital one app at a time. Our mission is to enable fellow entrepreneurs and companies to tap into new markets and expand their business opportunities in the online realm.


Our Developers,Designers and Project Managers follow Agile methodology, so our solutions are tailored specifically to your needs and we put you, our client, front and center in every step of the development process. Whether you are looking for a promotional website or you are looking to build the next global platform accompanied by mobile apps, our team has your back.


At the end of the day, when you grow, we grow.

Year founded
business area
Web and mobile development

Alina Firica

Project Manager & UX/UI Designer

Andrei Balunuta

Web Developer

Angel Kolev

Web Developer

Daniela Todorova

Projects Director

Teresa Sorbera

Web Developer